west end bridge and housesTucker Arensberg has an active and varied zoning and land use practice representing both commercial and residential property owners in all stages of the municipal and zoning approval process.

Our attorneys work closely with clients to ascertain what, if any, zoning and other municipal approvals are needed for a particular project.  The firm’s attorneys interpret and explain the state and local regulations, statutes, and ordinances relating to land use and then pinpoint the potential legal hurdles for the project. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced dealing with properties that need to be subdivided for development purposes.

If land use approvals are needed, Tucker Arensberg’s attorneys represent clients through all stages of the municipal approval process.  The firm has successfully prosecuted numerous site plan applications for commercial and residential developments.  Likewise, when clients must obtain zoning approval for their projects, the firm has secured favorable decisions from municipal zoning hearing boards, planning commissions, and elected municipal councils.  Whether a project requires a variance, special exception, conditional use approval or whether the issue relates to the use of a property or its dimensions, the firm is well-equipped to prepare and present the case to a municipality in a clear and cogent fashion.

In appropriate cases, the firm will press a landowner’s claims in the courts both at the trial and appellate level.  In the courts, the firm’s lawyers handle a wide array of land use matters from challenges to the constitutionality of zoning regulations to requesting courts to uphold or overturn decisions by zoning hearing boards or other bodies.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the law regarding properties in areas of special designation such as historic review districts.  Tucker Arensberg’s zoning and land use team can explain and interpret the restrictions and when appropriate, challenge these restrictions before the municipality or the courts.

Tucker Arensberg’s zoning and land use attorneys stand ready to assist landowners with any of their land development needs from subdividing parcels, to navigating the municipal approval process, to challenging decisions by municipal bodies in court where necessary.


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