The Labor and Employment Group has a diverse client base of private and public employers ranging from private corporations and health care institutions to school districts and municipalities.  These clients include both unionized and non-unionized employers.

The services Tucker Arensberg performs for clients with unionized employees are collective bargaining negotiations, representation during strikes, labor arbitrations injunction hearings, Act III Police and Fire arbitrations, and matters before the National Labor Relations Board and Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.

The range of services performed for employers without unions is even broader.  The firm advises employers on discharge and discipline of employees, unemployment compensation, overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the negotiation of individual employment agreements with new employees, releases for employees who are terminated, non-competition and confidentiality clauses and employment agreement.

The firm also handles a broad range of litigation, including wrongful discharge claims and employment discrimination.  The firm represents employers with respect to charges filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and defends cases in Federal Court on these charges.

The firm’s lawyers have successfully tried jury cases with respect to employment law matters, and, in particular, employment discrimination and wrongful discharge cases.

With respect to public employers, the firm is often involved in administrative agency and civil service hearings affecting public employees, such as teachers, police, firefighters and other civil servants.  The firm advises school districts on issues of tenure and due process affecting professional educators.

The firm also has an Employee Benefits Department that advises employers with respect to the full range of employee benefits.